Love, passion, madness, and glamour
In a history that ends up transforming itself into a legend
An intimate encounter where sensuality is expressed in an array of movements, aromas, flavors, and sounds, to present the unique and irresistible essence of tango cabaret.
Draped in red suede you will find the finest Tango dancers and musicians in Argentina, along with a premier international cuisine, offering the public one-of-a-kind enjoyment.

Rojo Tango Quintet Orchestra
Double Bass: Adrián Speziale
Violin: Juan Bringas
Second Bandoneon: Ramiro Boero
Piano: Fulvio Giraudo
Bandoneon and Musical Director: Daniel Ruggiero

Songs Performed

Lluvia de estrellas: Osmar Maderna (1948)

Tango Americano

Por una cabeza: Carlos Gardel & Alfredo Le Pera (1935)

Vida mía: Osvaldo Fresedo & Emilio Fresedo (1933)

Quejas de bandoneón: Juan de Dios Filiberto (1920)

Mala junta: Julio De Caro & Pedro Laurenz (1927)

Martirio: Enrique Santos Discépolo (1940)

Loca: Manuel Jovés & Antonio Viergol (1922)

Que me van hablar de amor: Héctor Stamponi & Homero Expósito (1946)

El Firulete: Mariano Mores & Rodolfo Taboada (1958)

Taquito militar: Mariano Mores (1952)

Bordoneo y 900: Osvaldo Ruggiero

Derecho viejo: Eduardo Arolas

Tanguera: Mariano Mores (1955)

Popurrí (Malena (1941): Lucio Demare & Homero Manzi; Fumando espero (1922): Juan Viladomat & Félix Garzo; Qué tango hay que cantar: Rubén Juárez & Cacho Castaña)

Escualo: Astor Piazzolla (1979)

Los Pájaros Perdidos: Astor Piazzolla & Mario Trejo (1973)

Años de soledad: Astor Piazzolla

Libertango (1974) (I’ve Seen that face before): Astor Piazzolla versión Grace Jones & Barry Reynolds

Adiós Nonino: Astor Piazzolla (1959)

Cumparsita: Gerardo Matos Rodríguez (1915-1916)

Tanguango: Astor Piazzolla (1950)

Rojo Tango: Pablo Ziegler


Female vocalist:
Vanesa Quiroz

Male vocalist:
Ariel Altieri

Dance Group

Group Choreography:
Sandra Bootz and Gabriel Ortega

Dance Couples:
Carlos Copello and Karina Piazza or Anabela Brogioli
Iliana Mohaupt and Ramiro Izurieta
Betiana Botana and Ricardo Astrada
Soledad Rivero and Lucas Paez
Noelia Pizzo and Nicolás Schell
Luciana Francheli and Federico Paleo

Special Guest:
Carlos Copello


Image and Costume Design:
Gabriela Kovacs


Lighting Design:
Marcelo Cuervo


Executive Producer:
Marisa Carreras

Producer and Director:
Antonio Ruiz

Repertoire subject to modifications without prior notice due to artistic arrangement.



Shrimp and Potato salad with cocktail sauce and pickled cucumber
Burratta cheese with confited tomatos, basil, almonds and dried plums
Mustard infused turkey breast, brie cheese, mushrooms and roasted tomatoes

Main Course

Beef tenderloin, truffled mashed potatoes and sautéed mushrooms
Salmon, goat cheese and corn cake, arugula pesto
Lamb Ravioli, sage cream, smoked tomatoes and eggplant


Cream of passion fruit with almond crumble
Bittersweet Chocolate’s Marquise
Banana Mousse with caramel and Olive Cake

Open Bar
Baron B Champagne
Wines: Terrazas Reserva Malbec and Chardonnay and Soft Drinks


Located inside the exclusive and impressive Hotel Faena, Rojo Tango is a fascinating show that conquers all the senses, combining sounds, aromas, colors, movement and flavors.

RESERVATIONS +5411 4952-4111

Faena Hotel + Universe, Martha Salotti 445, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires – Argentina

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Due to COVID-19
we will be closed and working remotely until further notice.
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